Rob has over 22 years' experience in the financial sector. In September 2001 he founded Capital Tool Company. The company delivers products for MSME financing. Prior to founding the company, he worked at ING where he was responsible for implementation of market and credit risk internal models and systems across the bank. He also worked in securitization where he executed capital adequacy transactions for the bank and its clients.  Rob holds a master's in theoretical physics from Leiden University.

Capital Tool Company is the IT company that is behind Trefi. Trefi resolves the problems of MSME finance: high risk and high cost to serve. Trefi achieves this by leveraging the relationship between companies. Companies use Trefi to improve certainty of trade and to optimize working capital. Banks use the Trefi platform to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, credit losses and capital employed. Trefi enables a network of MSME to go to capital market. Trefi combines big data, blockchain and asset based finance techniques to provide registration of invoices and their status, a clearing house of invoices and risk information based on invoices.

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