Following a decade in the United Kingdom and two years in Hong Kong, Tamara returned to Singapore in 2012. A multi-disciplinary Business Manager, her experience spans energy, financial services and fund management, covering trading floors in London, New York and across Asia. Tamara departed GIC Pte Ltd, Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, to embark on a portfolio career, where she works with industry groups to drive the adoption of solutions bring together finance, digital and sustainable goals.  She is an advisor to the Official Monetary & Financial Institutions Forum, a London-based think tank, and CarbonBlue Innovations, a Blockchain venture builder.

Tamara has degrees in Law and in Applied Accounting, and attained an Executive Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD whilst pregnant with her second child, which she cites as being “efficient but not necessarily recommended”. Tamara is involved with organisations and causes that are focused on equality and education, including sitting on the Boards of Conjunct Consulting, South East Asia’s first social change consultancy, and the People Centered Internet.  She coaches clients including accelerators, social good enterprises and corporate decision makers.  Tamara is a member of the UNDP’s Private Sector Advisory Group and UNESCAP’s Infrastructure Financing and Public-Private Partnership Network of Asia and the Pacific. 

Much of her time is spent enjoying food and drink in excellent company, then exercising and dieting in isolation. She is devoted to her two young sons and has had to develop skills in sport and patience accordingly.

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